[thelist] Seeking Specific Site Software

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Fri Feb 3 07:45:44 CST 2006

Hershel Robinson wrote:
> I have a client who wants two separate sites:
> 1 Gallery Site:
> The main function is an art gallery to showcase the owner's original 
> artwork. Beyond that he needs a few static pages, and the possibility of 
> adding a shopping cart would also be very good.
> While on the one hand, a regular cart like zencart could certainly 
> handle this job, there are also gallery software packages designed 
> specifically for showcasing artwork. Not all of them have a proper 
> shoping cart, however. Their advantage is that they seem to work better 
> as a viewing gallery.

I won't go as far as to recommend you use Drupal with
the ecommerce and image modules, but I do suggest you check
it out.

In a nutshell, the image module can present galleries,
and the ecommerce module can turn any node at all in a
Drupal site into a product.

There'd be some theme work required to make it easier
to understand than it is by default.


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