[thelist] 5-8 SSI Statements for Every Page for Sitewide Consistancy

chase at searchingwithin.com chase at searchingwithin.com
Fri Feb 3 07:54:52 CST 2006

A co-worker wants to chop up our Web page code into multiple server side 
include (SSI) statements. The only part of the page left for Web 
Publishers to edit would be the metadata, a navigation area, and the 
main content area.

The page design is a single row table with two cells: one column for 
side bar navigation and the second for the main content area. Already we 
are using 2 SSI for the header and the footer. The co-worker wants to 
take this SSI technique further to also "lock down" the DOCTYPE, CSS 
link reference, some global metadata, opening table for the page content 
frame, the closing and opening between the two cells, and then finally 
the end of the page.

This technique would mean embedding the current SSI statements for the 
header and footer into other SSI files.

I'm worried about having opening tags in one file and closing tags in a 
different file.

What are the pros and cons of doing multiple SSI files?


On Task Technologies

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