[thelist] Total eCommerce Solution for client

Dan H dan at drhathy.com
Fri Feb 3 11:16:15 CST 2006

Hello everyone,
I have a client with two online stores.  I currently do product updates 
for either store as needed/requested - there are a couple of us who do 
updates for him.  One store is a Yahoo store and I use the Yahoo store 
editor to add products etc.  The other store, formerly a Yahoo store, 
was put together by another company and uses ableCommerce.  I have just 
started working with this store and am learning how to do the basic 
product additions, price changes etc.  I have worked for him for nearly 
two years doing these updates for him but have had nothing to do with 
the design of either site.

He is looking to start a third store and has asked for my input.  He 
really does not want to consider Yahoo at this time.  He has not been 
happy with the people who did the site which uses ableCommerce though 
this is not a conviction against ableCommerce as a shopping cart.

My background is in using valid (x)html and CSS with limited programming 
experience.  I had a few VB6 programming classes 3 years ago.  I have a 
basic understanding of some of my options to build a store front project 
-PHP/MySQL, ASP/ASP.NET, CF  event Python from what I understand.  I am 
thinking that a preferred method would be using PHP/MySQL but any 
language/bd on the backend would suffice. I would probably be able, with 
proper documentation and perhaps a little assistance, to set the backend up.

 The  keys for him are:
     1.) The ability  to control the look and feel -design- of the 
site.  A system that uses templates would probable be okay as long as 
the templates were easily modified, preferably with CSS.

    2.)Adding, editing products prices etc. should be simple.  He is a 
60+ year old man with limited html experience but would like to be able 
- though he would do this infrequently if at all - to make small changes 

Any direction, input appreciated.

Dan H

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