[thelist] Ruby or VPS Hosting & One Off Topic Remark

Jose Hurtado jlhurtado at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 12:35:09 CST 2006


I've been playing with Ruby, and would like to begin actually testing on a

I know VPS hosting packages would actually let me install whatever I like in
them, like a dedicated server, without costing an arm and a leg, so I would
consider any reasonably priced options.

And of course if you know any Ruby ready hosting, please do send your
recommendations this way.

Ruby seems very nice, I am just starting out, but I am almost certain I'll
begin using this tool, a lot more than PHP or ASP.

Have a nice weekend you all...

<Off topic - Funny Controversial>
Some controversial AND funny cartoon links for this Friday, yes, these are
the ones that stirred quite a controversy in Europe.  It is funny,
Christianity is mocked every day, in cartoons, the news, wherever, nobody
reacts or goes out of control, I guess Christians get the "freedom of the
press" that democracy is all about, BUT the arab world has a very different
reaction to this humor... it is funny and worrysome to see how different and
apart the world is becoming:
http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/698                (Hint: Scroll down to
see the cartoons)
</Off topic - Funny Controversial>

Have a nice weekend you all,

Jose L. Hurtado
Web Designer / IT Professional
Toronto, Canada

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