[thelist] Ruby or VPS Hosting & One Off Topic Remark

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Fri Feb 3 13:54:50 CST 2006

Jose Hurtado scribeva in 03/02/2006 18:35:
> I've been playing with Ruby, and would like to begin actually testing on a
> host.

Others recommended Textdrive, and being curious I checked their site: 
"Please note, TextDrive does not allow our shared servers to be used for 
web application development, testing or tweaking. These are production 
servers, to be used for tested, stable web applications only."

> I know VPS hosting packages would actually let me install whatever I like 

And they are perfect for playing around. I'm with 
http://www.redwoodvirtual.com/ and quite happy - especially considering 
the price ($10/mo).

> <Off topic - Funny Controversial>

Some less funny aspects in this controversy... Danish company Arla laid 
off 125 workers because of the boycott. Losing jobs is unfortunate - I 
just hope no lives will be lost...

Have a peaceful weekend you all, and remember to respect each others,

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