[thelist] Ruby or VPS Hosting & One Off Topic Remark

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Fri Feb 3 16:38:03 CST 2006

Max Schwanekamp wrote:
> Jose Hurtado wrote:
>> And of course if you know any Ruby ready hosting, please do send your
>> recommendations this way.
> http://textdrive.com/

Consider me a *VERY* dissatisfied TextDrive customer.  I am moving all 
of my business away from them as fast as I possibly can, walking away 
from pre-paid months of service.  This week alone, we experienced ~18 
hours of downtime on our shared server because of a pattern of kernel 
panic -> fsck /user/ -> lightty storm -> rinse repeat.

My neighbors on this server have been foolish, irresponsible, and 
inconsiderate of the other members of their community.  The admins seem 
powerless to identify the offenders and terminate their abuse.  My 
server is a chronic basket-case.  If you talk to the TextDrive folks, 
they will know exactly which server I am talking about because the abuse 
has literally trashed the hardware and caused full-on RAID failures.

Stay away.  The admins are great people, the cause is worthy, their 
hearts are in the right place, but parking your domain on their servers 
is like parking a Mercedes outside a methadone clinic... you are going 
to loose your hood ornament, or worse, because of the trash that hang 
around there.

FWIW - I am currently deploying a Rails app on a virtual dedicated 
server with OCS Solutions, but since I am just beginning that 
relationship I can't say more than they have met or exceeded all my 
expectations so far.


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