[thelist] Logo Contest Question

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Sat Feb 4 09:04:59 CST 2006

On 3 Feb 2006 at 22:07, Antigone Zero wrote:
> Obviously, that entry wins, and that person gets the money. We put up a
> small amount of money and we got what we paid for. My question is, what do I
> say to the designer of the winning logo. Our contest rules read as follows:

that you even got one entry for $100 suprises me... i'm not going to 
talk about how to handle this in the future...

for now, i believe you have one option...

be honest.

contact the single entrant, give him/her the $100, and tell him/her 
that she/he was the only entry, and that you still won't be using the 
logo... obviously you'll need to word it well, but the fact of the 
matter is, that's what happened...

in a worst-case scenario, if the student feels slighted and 
daddy/mommy is an attorney, do you really want to have to admit in a 
deposition or in court that you lied?

at least if you are honest and the parents are litigious, you had one 
entry you didn't like, it's not exactly a legal case worth pursuing 
when they know the facts in advance... 

if, however, they don't know the facts because you lie (and this 
isn't a criticism of you, but of the post suggesting you should lie), 
they may not know how pointless any legal action would be...

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