[thelist] Conference CD design

Stefan Waidele jun. Stefan at Waidele.info
Sat Feb 4 12:25:40 CST 2006

Joel Konkle-Parker schrieb:
> [...]
> This is going to be an official record of the conference, and so will
> contain all the papers and presentations in PDF form, the program, event
> information, information about the host school, donor links, etc.
> I was thinking of putting together a series of flat HTML files, the
> first of which would load up when the CD is inserted. This would then
> link to all the other material on the CD.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about the design features this thing
> should have, or things to keep in mind?

Keep in mind that not everybody is using the autostart-feature (or 
windows at all).
Example: I ust bought a printer. The handbook is on CD. When I put the 
CD into a windows-PC, there is a popup in which I can click "Read 
Manual" and everything looks fine and professional.

On a Linux-PC, I finally found the manual in /cd/info/video/manual.pdf
There is nothing like "index.html" or the like in the top-level 
directory. The directories are badly named and it is tough to navigate 
the CD without the system that the developers took for granted.

So, especiall since you want to use PDF and HTML, I would recomment you 
make the CD easy to navigate with a file-browser.

Especially if it is supposed to be an official record of the convention, 
it might be important that the CD is still usable in three or four years 
when the software environment has changes significantly.

My 0.02 Euro,



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