[thelist] Logo Contest Question

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Sat Feb 4 14:18:04 CST 2006

On 4 Feb 2006 at 8:27, Ed McCarroll wrote:

> > that's terrible advice and an awful way to deal with a problem...
> I offered a way out that showed respect for someone's feelings.
> That's a practice I'd recommend to you, too.

anyone who's seen the site reviews i used to perform on thelist knows 
i take the opposite approach... and people appreciated it, and told 
me so, even if their first reaction was to call me a grumpy SOB...

it's just a feeling, another one will be along in a moment... it's 
disrespectful to assume the designer cannot handle honest feedback...

but being honest can give the designer an opportunity to grow... i 
think that shows real respect to the person...

frankly, i have strong opinions that as a culture we are already too 
worried about hurting feelings, and too many people accept adequate 
or sub-par as the de facto standard just because it might upset 
someone to suggest otherwise...

i won't do that to someone... it's more cruel than the quick sting of 
the truth...

The Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 development team has asked 
developers to test their sites in the new IE and report bugs. Even if 
you can't help out, their blog keeps readers up-to-date with CSS 
development and support:

Recent posts of interest include:

	Frequently Asked Questions for the IE7 Beta 2 Preview

	What’s New for CSS in Beta 2 Preview?

Most recently mentioned on the blogs is that IE7 will NOT support the 
:after and :before pseudo-selectors, and that min/max-height/width 
may not make it into IE7.

Sub-tip: Read the blog comments for posts from the Microsft team. 
That's where they often clarify things in the post, or answer 
questions from readers.

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