[thelist] Logo Contest Question

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sat Feb 4 14:37:15 CST 2006

Ed McCarroll scribeva in 04/02/2006 19:52:
> "I would often rather be kind than be truthful."  (Me) 

Deceiving *never* is kind.

Lesson one from my "lying school":
When you lie, never say anything that is untrue.

If you start telling untrue things, you have to maintain two (or more) 
versions of reality - the real, and the one you created with your lie. 
Not easy, and you will eventually fail, and the hurting of feelings is 
far greater than telling the truth in the first place would have caused.

What can be achieved by a lie, can almost always be achieved also by 
carefully choosing the point of view.

Ed McCarroll scribeva in 04/02/2006 16:27:
> I offered a way out that showed respect for someone's feelings.

I hope I'm not hurting your feelings, but deceiving a person is utterly 
disrespectful, always, without any exceptions.

Antigone Zero scribeva in 04/02/2006 3:07:
> Obviously, that entry wins

I wonder why no one picked on this. Why that entry wins?

Did your competition rules specify, that there must be a winner? If not, 
then no problem, you contact the participant, and thank him for his 
time, and tell him that his entry did not win.

If the rules require a winner, the question becomes: do the rules 
prohibit yourself participating? If not, participate with your logo, it 
wins, and you donate the $100 to a good cause of your choice - and let 
the other participant know, that another logo won this time.


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