[thelist] 5-8 SSI Statements for Every Page for Sitewide Consistancy

Eike Pierstorff eikes.lists at dynamique.de
Sun Feb 5 08:37:32 CST 2006

chase at ontask.net schrieb:
> Bill Moseley wrote:
>>normally you
>>would not have a design like you describe where tags open in one
>>"component" and close in another.  Sounds like trouble.
> What are some concrete examples of potential problems that I can use in 
> conversation with my non-techie supervisor?

Buy him a copy of "The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andrew Hunt and David 
Thomas. As the title says this is a book about "real" programming, not 
web development , but it's a lot of common sense bundled up in a book 
that can be applied to web development, too. They have some examples why 
it's bad to start an operation in one place and finish in another 
(maintenance  nightmare).

The book looks a bit like a bunch of power point slides tied together 
(lots of small chapters with bullet-pointed lists), which seems a good 
format for non-technical decision makers, plus it contains a lot of 
snappy quotables, so chances are you supervisor will declare it the new 
bible for the workplace (which would be a blessing for you developers).

-- eike

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