[thelist] XML files being cached

Tom Schmidt ildenizen at insightbb.com
Sun Feb 5 19:59:08 CST 2006

Ok, so I am using a simple XML file to load in some simple data components to my web page.  
Presumably this will allow my web pages to stay a little more static, and allow me to update the xml file as needed.

So here is the problem.  Any time I upload an updated xml file, I continue to get the old xml data reflected in my html page.
It is obvious that data is being catched.  What is not obvious to me is why.  

I am running IE6, and have cleared all the cache elements.  I have also set IE to load every page every time I visit it.  
Even with this, I get the old data.  However, if I CTRL-Refresh a couple of times, I then see my new data.  
BUT, if I now close my browser, and try again, I once again get the old data.  Argggg....

I have a feeling there is a simple solution here, however a cursory google search has not given me any results I feel good about.

Any help is appreciated.  (Sorry to abuse this list with 2 questions in 2 days!)

PS - the htlm page uses a javascript function to load the xml data onload in the body tag 
     <body onload="loadxml()" ....


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