[thelist] CMS that works with existing phpBB forum

Paul Waring pwaring at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 03:48:53 CST 2006

Does anyone know of an open source CMS that will work seamlessly with
an existing phpBB installation? I've got some forums over at
http://www.roguestudents.com/ but the users are asking for more
features such as a proper front page and a photo gallery. There's
already several thousand posts in the database so I don't really want
to have to convert them (I've already gone from vBulletin to phpBB and
that broke a few things in the process) unless there's an easy way of
doing so. Ideally I just want something that will bridge the gap
between a CMS and phpBB, but will keep the users table from the phpBB
database and all the posts from the forums.

I've had a look at Geeklog, but apparently that only works with new
phpBB installations, or at least that's what the documentation
provided with the modification suggests. It looks like I might be able
to do something similar with Postnuke, but the *nuke scripts seem to
have an appalling record when it comes to security.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Data Circle

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