[thelist] Logo Contest Question

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Feb 7 10:21:46 CST 2006

Message from Pringle, Ron (2/7/2006 08:25 AM)
> >
> > ...and this, when you can get a logo from several places on
> > the Internet
> > for a few hundred dollars. Try a Google search.
> >
> > /Mattias
>Not to pick on you Mattias, but frankly, I'm amazed at this sort of
>response. First off, to create a first rate logo takes a lot of time and

Which many people passing themselves off as graphic designers do not 
possess, regardless of how much BS they may try to sell you on.

To me, taking a series of curves and shapes that are "in style" and 
applying whatever the going colours of the month are does not require all 
that much brainpower.

On the other hand there are some logos - Sun's comes to mind - that are 
truly unique and worth it.

But like fine art, graphic art happens on many levels.

You wouldn't try to sell your ten year old's fingerpaintings for the same 
as a Picasso or a Monet would you?


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