[thelist] [JavaScript] way around these global vars?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 7 11:03:19 CST 2006

<grumble> All right, bad habits and all that. </grumble> ;) I think I have it except I'm making
some kind of syntax error possibly, as the setTimeout() does not recognize the showHit() function:

stickystate = {
			var newImg = this.currentBtn.style.backgroundImage;
			newImg = newImg.replace("_on", "");
			this.currentBtn.style.backgroundImage = "url(/images/" +newImg+ ")";
			var urlArray = btn.style.backgroundImage.split("/");
			var img = urlArray[urlArray.length -1].replace(".gif)", "");
			var on = "url(/images/" + img + "_on" + ".gif)";
			this.currentBtn = btn;
			btn.style.backgroundImage = on;
			setTimeout("this.showHit()", 500)

I've tried stickystate.showHit(), that doesn't do it either (seems like it would be the same
thing). How do I recursively call this method from within?

--- Christian Heilmann <codepo8 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am more worried about the state of the other code :-) The object
> literal is a wonderful idea as it does keep everything together that
> should be together.
> Why do you need two variables anyways? All you need is the current
> object, then you read the backgroundImage and check if it contains
> _on.gif or not and replace it with .gif and vice versa.


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