[thelist] Logo Contest Question

Peter Chen pchen at jiethics.org
Tue Feb 7 13:59:23 CST 2006

Ron really hit the nail on the head before I could get my hammer in

Yes, pricing includes a FULL TRANSFER OF RIGHTS. Sadly so, it's
something that many people fail to understand. The other issue is that
logo design/corporate identity usually go hand-in-hand. I failed to
clarify this, but the $6000 does go towards designing the full package
(logo, business card, letterhead, envelope). I would never recommend
selling the logo by itself.

There are many logos out there that look 'nice', but also look like so
many others such that they are not memorable. Those are the $500 logos
available on the web. A professional designer first starts off with a
client interview and project proposal, and then proceeds towards logo
research, concepting, designing, reviewing, revising (any x number of
times), selecting Pantone colors, file prep, creation of a style guide
and all the unglorious paperwork that needs to be done. That's a
boatload of work that sometimes last 2-3 months depending on the back
and forth between client/designer. 

Here's my question to the naysayers: If a programmer can earn $6,000 a
month, a mid-level marketing person $4,000, and an administrative
assistant $3,000, then why do people complain when a FREELANCE designer
(who has to pay his/her own insurance and other office expenses) charges
$6,000 for a logo that can end up taking 2 months to develop? In this
light, it truly is not unreasonable. What IS unreasonable is people
expecting designers to slave away their time and experience for close to

A professionally crafted logo will EASILY earn back it's cost ten-fold
and beyond in the long run.


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