[thelist] Active Agenda logo (was RE: Logo Contest Question)

mattias at thorslund.us mattias at thorslund.us
Tue Feb 7 16:23:16 CST 2006

Quoting "Canfield, Joel" <JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org>:

>> $300 we spent
> gnarly iconoclasticism, dude
> yeah, just my opinion, but you got your money's worth

You're entitled to your opinion :-)

The result is also not entirely the fault of the artist, since we dictated the
direction.  As I said, we're happy with it.

> maybe you could share the creator's name (here or offline) unless you
> somewhere along the line agreed not to divulge what you paid them, which
> would now make it difficult to associate their name with the $$

We used The Logo Factory.


Mattias Thorslund

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