[thelist] Logo Contest Question

mattias at thorslund.us mattias at thorslund.us
Tue Feb 7 17:19:48 CST 2006

Quoting John Handelaar <john at userfrenzy.com>:

> mattias at thorslund.us wrote:
>> As an aside, I'm really happy with the logo of the company I'm with. 
>> It look a
>> lot of involvement from us to get what we wanted, something in line with our
>> message and our product.  I suppose that if we had gone to some more 
>> expensive
>> agency, we might have benefitted from a more experienced artist, 
>> someone being
>> able to read our wishes better. But what we got, was worth every 
>> penny of the
>> $300 we spent, and that fee included business cards, letterhead, and full
>> transfer of copyrights.
> Transfer of copyright?  On a copy of someone else's logo?
> I doubt that'll stand up.

Not someone else's. The logo we commissioned and paid for. Ours.


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