[thelist] Logo Contest Question

Mattias Thorslund mattias at thorslund.us
Tue Feb 7 23:53:25 CST 2006

John Handelaar wrote:
> mattias at thorslund.us wrote:
>>> Transfer of copyright?  On a copy of someone else's logo?
>> Not someone else's. The logo we commissioned and paid for. Ours.
> You commissioned it, you paid for it.
> Gerald Holtom, who designed the original logo [1]
> it's a copy of, would probably have something to
> say about copyright.
> [1] http://www.cnduk.org/pages/binfo/logo.html

Thanks for the link, John! That same page states:

"Although specifically designed for the anti-nuclear movement it has
quite deliberately never been copyrighted. No one has to pay or to seek
permission before they use it."

...so it seems we would be in the clear here, even if the design should
happen to be too similar, which I dispute. I'm very much for nuclear
disarmament anyway, and don't mind donating to the cause.

We chose the peace sign (doubles as a pie chart) in our logo, for a
reason. We mean to call for peace within companies (between
departments/fiefdoms), and between organizations in terms of sharing and
collaborating on the topics of human safety and waste reduction in the
broadest sense.



This here was a bit off-topic, so here's a tip:

<tip type="Do you need the X in AJAX?" author="Mattias Thorslund">

AJAX is a popular recipe for richer user interactions is web
applications.  The "X" of AJAX stands for XML, which is the format in
which the data is transferred between the server and the client
(browser). But, many times the overhead of conversions to and from XML
format can be avoided by instead sending javascript-formatted text,
which the browser can easily transform into javascript objects with a
simple eval() function.

So, take a look at JSON, JavaScript Object Notation:


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