[thelist] Registering BAT files as services on Windows

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Wed Feb 8 10:26:10 CST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 17:02, RUST Randal wrote:
> I have an application (Oracle 9i, Oracle Forms, J2EE) that requires to
> BAT files to be running in order for it all to work.
> I want these files to run as a service when the computer is turned on.
> However, if I try to set them up as Scheduled Tasks, I have to enter my
> network username and password.
> This would be OK, if the username and password didn't change every 60
> days. I don't want there to be a situation where that information
> expires, or we forget to update it. Obviously the application won't run
> if that information is not up to date.
> So, is there a way I can run these as services?
checkout srvany, I think that might help.


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