[thelist] csshover.htc and IE security warning

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Feb 8 14:57:51 CST 2006

jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com scribeva in 08/02/2006 18:49:
> 1. Can you guys take a quick peek at this page and let me know if you see
> the IE Security warning:

MSIE 6sp2: no warning. Tried switching to high security setting, still 
no warning.

> 2. There are other issues on this page too, such as float drops on browser
> window resize in IE, 

It drops - every 10 pixels... I noticed that when I resize, the sidboxes 
occasionally dropped only to jump back again. With steady hand I resized 
so that the boxes remained down and took screen shots - with those I saw 
that the side boxes dropped exactly every 10px, from 494px to 1914px 
(window's size that is, not view port's). At 490px and less they drop 
for good as there's no more space. And the right-most callout drops for 
same reason at 512px.

Very interesting!


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