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Todd Stadler tstadler at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 18:14:37 CST 2006


On 2/8/06, Tim Burgan <email at timburgan.com> wrote:
> Can you recommend a book that is really good for the DOM?

Usually, I'm an O'Reilly book kind of guy, but I couldn't wait for
them to come out with a book that deals with the kind of questions
you're asking.

I've been pretty happy with Javascript Bible (5th Edition) by Danny
Goodman and Michael Morrison (ISBN: 0-7645-5743-2), if only because it
does a good job with the DOM. But then, I don't read the book so much
as consult it for the name of this or that function, etc.

Still, the book comes with a CD-ROM that, in addition to lots of
example scripts, also contains a PDF of the entire book, with bonus
chapters. The ability to pop the PDF on my computer and generally
ignore the paper book has been great for me.


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