[thelist] csshover.htc and IE security warning

Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Wed Feb 8 21:35:27 CST 2006

>> 2. There are other issues on this page too, such as float drops on browser
>> window resize in IE,
> It drops - every 10 pixels... I noticed that when I resize, the sidboxes
> occasionally dropped only to jump back again. With steady hand I resized
> so that the boxes remained down and took screen shots - with those I saw
> that the side boxes dropped exactly every 10px, from 494px to 1914px
> (window's size that is, not view port's). At 490px and less they drop
> for good as there's no more space. And the right-most callout drops for
> same reason at 512px.

That is very strange indeed; I just had to take a look myself, and sure
enough, it is every 10 pixels that the sidebar boxes drop (in IE) on window

It's a starting point, but a very vague one to say the least.  There are not
any padding or margin settings of 10px applied to any of the sidebar

The sidebar <h3>s ("Title text here") have padding of 20px left, and 30px
right but I don't see how that would factor in to the 10px increment drops?

I suspect it has something to do with clearing one of the elements, but I do
not know which one, yet.

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