[thelist] Regexs and headaches

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Feb 9 07:13:25 CST 2006

Dan Parry scribeva in 09/02/2006 12:28:
> I have a regex problem that is giving me major hassles. the preamble is that
> the expression looks for opening HTML tags in a textarea value

> But (and this is a big but) it can't find single letter tags

> Here is the regex:

\<		so we start with a "<"
[^\/]		then one character which is not "/"
([^<>]*)	and zero or more characterse that are not "<" nor ">"
[^\/]		one more character which is not "/"
>		and finally one ">"

so we require twice one charecter... not what we want, as two is more 
than one.

<		again let's start with a "<"
[^\/]+		after opening bracket we want one or more characters,
		but they should not be "/", as we don't want
		(self)closing tags
?		lets make it lazy
 >		and end up with closing ">"

which gives us /<[^\/]+?>/g

untested though, so let us know how it works :-)


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