[thelist] csshover.htc and IE security warning

jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Thu Feb 9 16:07:48 CST 2006

> Once upon a time jono wrote:
> http://www.charlestonwebsolutions.com/test_case/index_test2.html
> 2. There are other issues on this page too, such as float drops on browser
> window resize in IE, and header background image disappearing until the
> large black "image" link is hovered over in IE.  I have not looked into
> fixing these problems yet, but if you have a suggestion, fire away.  I
> assume it is a clearing issue with both, but I am not sure...yet?

The security warning is indeed a local issue, as I have received a number
of replies (on and off list - THANKS!) that did not see the security
warning.  So I am good to go with number 1.

However, number 2 has still got me confused.  The whole 10 pixel
increments of window resizes causing the sidebar boxes to drop in IE is
very odd?  Anyone have an idea as to why that might be?  Can you suggest a
"routine" fix for something like this, such as "fixing float drops on
resize in IE?"
In the mean time, I'll MSN...or Google that.

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