[thelist] Quicktime video problem

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Sat Feb 11 05:28:46 CST 2006

Dominick Cancilla scribeva in 10/02/2006 23:27:

> Alternatives are very welcome -- the person who owns the site really wants
> the video to play in the window as opposed to having it downloaded.

I'm by no means a QT-expert, but here's a couple thoughts.

First and foremost, the problem lies in the <embed> element. MSIE will 
use the <object> element happily, but other browsers not.

You are using href-attribute in <embed> - this however seems not to be 
widely supported. And in all tutorials I looked, when href is used then 
src-attribute points to a .mov file, *not* to a .jpg file.

You could put the actual .mov in the src and use autoplay="false". This 
way all movies would start downloding once the page has downloaded. It 
could be good or bad - on the other hand, all movies would then be 
immediately playable (once they all have downloaded), but downloading 
four movies could be so slow, that to play one you'd have to wait for 
quite a bit.

If you don't like that idea, then you could try creating single frame 
light weight .mov files, and replace the .jpgs with these. While 
clicking a jpg won't launch a mov, clicking another mov could do it.

If that doesn't sound right, e.g. if you can't create the needed movs, 
you could use the jpgs just as regular <a> links, which would open the 
movs in a new browser window.

And yes, providing a link to download the mov for the visitor to play it 
with their player software of choice is a highly recemmended fall back 


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