[thelist] 550 only incoming directories

Stefan Waidele jun. Stefan at Waidele.info
Sat Feb 11 11:32:59 CST 2006

Windsor224 at aol.com schrieb:
> I'm constantly (on and off) getting the message 550 only "incoming"  
> directories are guest writable.
> [...]

What I forgot to say in my other post:
If it is really an on/off thing, and you are _always_ logged in with 
your username (not anonymous), and you are _always_ using the same 
ftp-program, and you are _always_ trying to upload into the same 
directory, and the list-post I linked in the other message does not 
help, and...

...then I would step through all of this together with your provider's 
tech-support. You pay them for the webspace, thus they should make sure 
permissions don't get switched on and off randomly.



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