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Russ wrote:
> I know it's been approached before-including by me a few years back-but, I'm
> looking for some low-to-no cost script(s) that will allow me to add a
> recipes section to a neighborhood website (hence no budget beyond what I'm
> willing to fork over).  Simple is fine; just something I can drop into my
> existing look and feel and add a database to is more than sufficient.
> Depending upon the bells and whistles, there may be a little budget (ease of
> printing, sorting, etc.).
> I can use CFMX or PHP and mySQL.
> Does anyone have any recommendations?  The ones I've seen online in my
> searches tend to either have dropped off the face of the earth or are pretty
> outrageously priced for my own current needs.

We had a modification of the evolt CMS codebase (prior to our switch to
drupal) for food.evolt.org which handled recipes and the like. The
project died for lack of interest, I think, but the code might still be
around. I would email the sysadmin list and ask
(sysadmin at lists.evolt.org). It's in ColdFusion and was against an Oracle
db, I believe.


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