[thelist] Javascript Validation Help - Comodo TrustLogo Display Script

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Sun Feb 12 14:55:18 CST 2006

Matt Warden wrote:

>Ron Dorman wrote:
>>document.writeln('<script type="text\/javascript" src="'+cot_loc0+'"><\/script>');
>If you have the ability to modify this script, change it to something like:
>document.writeln('<scr'+ 'ipt type="text\/javascript"
>src="'+cot_loc0+'"><\/scr'+ 'ipt>');
>That will get the validator to shut up about it.
>It's really not an error as far as how browsers will read it. The
>validator is just limited in its parsing abilities, and thinks you have
>a <script> tag within another <script> tag (you do, but not really).
Hey Matt,

Good to hear from you, hope all is well.

I modified the document.writeln as suggested and it did get rid of the 
'element not allowed here' error but threw another error due to and 
invalid attribute "scr not a valid element" or token name.

I tried breaking it up into two scripts as follows:

<script type="text/javascript">
var cot_loc0=(window.location.protocol == "https:")? 
"https://secure.comodo.net/trustlogo/javascript/cot.js" :
<script type="text/javascript" src="'+cot_loc0+'"></script>

And it didn't generate and errors in the validator, but it no longer 
works to display the TrustLogo either. Either I have the syntax wrong or 
it isn't going to work as seperate scripts.

I believe the html not validating could be the cause of the scrolling 
display errors in FF, I could be wrong. With the modified script above, 
I don't have the scroll display issues in FF or the peek-a-boo issues in IE.

It could also be that the absolutely positioned TrustLogo displayed in 
the bottom right corner of the viewport is causing the problem.

I'll try wrapping the script at the bottm in a clearing div to see if 
that will solve it.

Thanks for the help.

Ron D.

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