[thelist] (ASP.NET): Grouping radio buttons in a repeater.

Tab Alleman talleman at Lumpsum.com
Thu Feb 16 13:19:15 CST 2006

Thanks, Googling has led me to solutions involving creating custom objects, which might be fun, but for now I'm going with a regular client-side html button,  in a server-object table cell.  When I want to programmatically mark the radio button as checked, I manipulate the InnerHTML of the table cell.  heh... squirrely, but it works like a charm.

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>    If you plan to use a group, or anything with 
> runat="server", your only option will be to go through and 
> change the names client-side (myTable.getElementsByTagName 
> should get you started in the right direction).  Of course 
> this could mess things up in Viewstate when you post back, 
> which at best would have you using Request.Form to retrieve 
> the value... and at worst would throw a yellow barf screen error.
> FWIW...
> Peter
>  From: "Tab Alleman" talleman at Lumpsum.com
> I have a repeater that creates one radio button for every 
> item. I want these radio buttons grouped together so that 
> only one of them can be selected.
> In my repeater, I specify this:
> rbPhonePrimary.GroupName = "rbgPhonePrimary"
> but when it produces the page, the radio buttons get names like this:
> name="rptPhone:_ctl0:rbgPhonePrimary"
> name="rptPhone:_ctl1:rbgPhonePrimary"
> name="rptPhone:_ctl2:rbgPhonePrimary"
> etc...
> Is there any way to get what I want here?
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