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Sat Feb 18 13:33:34 CST 2006


I'm looking for mail server software for Linux.
Googling around has brought me solutions which are
overkill for my needs. I'm not trying to run a service
providing e-mail accounts to users, and the like. I
just need a desktop program (with GUI) to send e-mails
from my machine without involving my ISP's servers
(not spam).

Under Windows, I use GroupMail to create multipart
e-mails which send an HTML file as an e-mail, using
one of the several saved mailing lists. It's
configured to send to localhost and the mails are sent
to Postcast Server.

Postcast server simply sends the messages out. It only
runs when I open it, so I don't have to turn the whole
machine into a server.

Under Linux, I've found an extension for Thunderbird
which allows one to edit the HTML code of an e-mail. A
couple of tests revealed that I can simply write an
HTML mail and copy it into the dialogue window and ...
voila...it sends a message, complete with images or
anything else. It can send text, HTML or both.

I want to set this up as nearly as possible to emulate
the system I use under Windows, i.e., find a way to
send from Thunderbird to a local server program and
send them from there directly to the addressees.

Can anyone suggest such a server for Linux (preferably
for Debian/Gnome)?

Any ideas welcome.

Thanks very much.

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