[thelist] Wordpress as non-blog tool.

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 11:46:22 CST 2006

> Hello list!
> I am going to set up a new site for a somewhat computer-illiterate
> person. She will manage the content herself, so I am looking at what
> content manager to install. I was considering Wordpress since it seems
> to be the "in" thing now :) No, actually I am just really curious and
> would like to try it out.
> The page will be a home to this person's publishing and research work.
> So it will have "news" on the front page once in a while, but not a
> blog per se. Most of the pages will be static.
> I basically just want to get some oppinions from people who have used
> Wordpress from a similar perspective. Thanks!

I am currently using it for content aggregation of clients. We set up
the different pages that will be in the real site later on as
categories and tell the client to post the page content. Works quite
well so far, and it is a great way to ensure they write content and
not a web site. If you offer the full design with a CMS you are likely
to get content that is connected to the look and feel (use the links
on the right...)  The WYSIWYG editor in there is quite OK for the most
basic things, too.

Chris Heilmann
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