[thelist] Favorite anti-spam tool for Outlook Express?

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Thu Feb 23 18:11:08 CST 2006

Larry Levenson wrote:
> Lots o' spam coming into clients' mailboxes these days. What is 
> everyone's favorite anti-spam tool to use with Outlook Express? Outlook?

Dunno about OE, but for Outlook there's SpamBayes, which works really 
nicely, much like the Bayesian filtering in Thunderbird.

This is skirting OT territory...

<tip type="Time calculation shortcuts in PHP" author="Max Schwanekamp">
strtotime() can be really handy.  We all know how to use it to change 
say, a MySQL timestamp or common format date into unix time, but it can 
also be used for basic calculations too, e.g.:
//output timestamp for 1 month from now, time()+(30*24*60*60)
strtotime('1 month');
//output timestamp for 3 weeks ago, time()-(3*7*86400)
strtotime('3 weeks ago'); //outputs timestamp for date 3 weeks ago
strtotime('1 month 3 days 6 hours ago'); //etc

Max Schwanekamp

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