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Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 10:42:02 CST 2006

On 3/20/06, M. Seyon <evoltlist at delime.com> wrote:
> However, it seems this existing specification does not explicitly state
> that a radio button set must have one button that is checked. Rather, it
> says "user agent behaviour... is undefined".

It is undefined because it is a misuse of the control. User agents
still need to handle this situation SOMEHOW, though, which is why the
note is there. This is the case in many instances where web developers
misuse markup. User agents tend to want to still be able to display
the page as best it can, even if the developer messed up.

It doesn't really make sense to have none selected in a radio button
set. The options in the set are supposed to represent the universe of
options available.

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