[thelist] Script for M$IE only, or not

James Conley Conleyj at kubota-kma.com
Mon Apr 3 11:15:10 CDT 2006

As it currently stands you could just as well write the words "I hate
IE. If you are using IE then go away" and it would be no less IE

While I understand the reasoning for your message a pop-up box worded as
such is less than friendly. Perhaps some header text would be more
appropriate. Another thought - what if a user is using Firefox but is
planning on implementing something that needs to be IE friendly.

James c.

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On 06/04/01 16:47 Felix Miata apparently typed:

> My understanding of JS is next to 0, so every time I want to do the 
> simplest thing I haven't done before I have to go struggle through 
> some tutorial, this time at http://www.quirksmode.org/. Again, I'm 
> getting nowhere with something that seems it should be simple. I just 
> want to throw an alert based upon whether the browser is really IE or 
> any other browser. It seems object detection is the way to go, but I'm

> not finding a suitable object to detect. Someone suggested 
> window.ActiveXControl but NAICT it seems that that is an option that 
> can be disabled and so wouldn't be suitable. Can anyone help?

FWIW, the URL in my .sig below is the page for which I asked. Opening it
with IE should make evident why I only want the event to occur if the
visitor is really using IE and not some impostor like Opera.

The current possibly too simple solution actually came from a discussion
on irc://moznet/js and will most likely need revision when IE7 goes GA,
and that presumes I won't change my mind about the whole idea before
that happens.

Comments welcome, particularly if you have ideas about who you think the
target audience for the page is. What actually triggered my idea for it
in the first place is the core of
http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/css/colstyle.css which as yet I use only on 4
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