[thelist] Script for M$IE only, or not

James Conley Conleyj at kubota-kma.com
Mon Apr 3 14:19:00 CDT 2006

>> While I understand the reasoning for your message a pop-up box worded

>> as such is less than friendly.

>Which was the reason for the above, looking for impressions/discussion
about the language.

In that case my suggestion is to avoid pop-up boxes like the plague.

>> Perhaps some header text would be more appropriate.

>You mean something non-M$IE users could easily see with styles turned
off or unsupported in their UA?

Something that ALL web users could easily see regardless of their

>> Another thought - what if a user is using Firefox but is planning on 
>> implementing something that needs to be IE friendly.

>How might that matter? That alert is not intended to be used site-wide.

I obviously misunderstood the context of your material. I thought your
site listed resources for website designers/ coders/etc. If so then a
simple note to the effect of "Note: not all of these resources with with
IE, in fact most of them do not work with IE. You will have to use a
different browser if you want to use these resources."

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