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1. I did in fact do a search before posting to the list. Several of the
"solutions" did not work. Thus, I asked on the list to see if anyone could
recommend a particular solution that worked well for them. Product, snippet
of code, solution, service, whatever. It was just a general term.

2. So we should all spend our time reinventing the wheel rather than making
use of the list? Why bother having the list then?

3. I posted to the list, I replied to the list. If there was actually
something in the response that was incriminating or proprietary, it would
have been removed. There wasn't, so I didn't.

4. I didn't need a tutorial. I was simply looking for recommendations.

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> Am well aware of using search engines to find things on the net. If I 
> wanted to waste my time searching through dozens (or even hundreds) of 
> products that may or may not work or be what I am looking for, I would 
> do a search. Not all of us have time to sit and wade through the many 
> results of a search. However, it is usually much quicker and the 
> results are better when the search is narrowed down by recommendations 
> of others familiar with the desired product/services/etc.

Some points for your consideration:

1. You have clearly done no research yourself, nor followed the link that I
helpfully provided. If you had, you would realised that you do not require a
"product", so much as a few lines of code. Had you followed my link, you
would have realised that it would not have taken you much longer than the
time it took you to type your response to my email to actually solve your

2. If you think it's a waste of your time for you to do the job that you're
paid for, then I don't quite understand why you would think that it's not a
waste of other people's time to help you for free.

3. I replied to you privately. I did this because nothing in the email I
sent would have benefited the list. It was a friendly nudge in the right
direction for someone that exhibited all the signs of a person in need of a
spanking with a clue stick. Do not post private correspondance to public
lists without the express permission of the author. It exhibits disregard
for the author, and disrespect for the list.

4. If you had responded with something along the lines of "thanks for the
resource, unfortunately I'm not well versed in ASP - could you suggest any
tutorials for beginners?" I would most probably have supplied you with links
to tutorials and written you a script that did exactly what you wanted to
boot. The moral of the story? If you put in at least some effort, then
others are more likely to match it for you. Put in no effort at all, and no
one's going to be very interested in your problems.

Of course, all of the above are my own opinions; I wouldn't presume to speak
on behalf of others.


Chris Marsh

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