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Mon Apr 3 22:47:46 CDT 2006

Message from John Dowdell (4/3/2006 01:01 PM)

>Recap: Every three months for the last 7-8 years, NPD/MediaMetrix asks
>members of their regular consumer focus groups


>Content from Flash Player 7 was viewable by about 95% of consumers
>tested in December,



Sorry, I know this probably goes against all the rules of statistics and 
data analysis and survey conducting, but I've never bought into the theory 
of "These are the results we found based on our study of 2000 people 
therefore it must be valid for the other 6+ billion in the world."

A more accurate statement, to me, would have been, "Half of our sample 
audience had its clientside capabilities..."

Also I believe the npd page you link to states clearly at the top of the 
table with the 97% claim,
"Results (US only)".

Why don't I pay these US-centric surveys much heed? I'll give you one 
reason - those genius geographers still haven't figured out that it's not a 
good idea to lump the Caribbean in with Latin America, because then they're 
tempted to pre-guess that they're Spanish speaking and push Spanish content 
at us (VISA's website does just that). All well and good in South America 
where probably 90+% speak Spanish natively. But for more than half of the 
Caribbean, this does not hold true.


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