[thelist] Script for M$IE only, or not

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 00:47:48 CDT 2006

> Slightly deviating from the subject:
> Who are going to joing "the first annual webmasters naked day?"
> Will we be seeing evolt naked?
> http://www.volkanozcelik.com/cre8/blog/2006/04/i-will-be-naked-for-one-full-day.html

What an amazingly fresh and great new idea! I'll be declaring
"Celebrate me for being a cool hip web designer day" on April the
12th, to show how amazing web designers are, let's all wear kippers on
our heads and jump on one foot all day!

1998 saw greyday that called all web designers to grey out their web
site to show what it looked like if all copyright infringement were to
be followed up as lawsuits:
The original site is a domain squatter thingy now but this spoof is to
the point:

Techheads also countered with grayday basically telling the design
community not to get their knickers in a twist:

My personal $.02: Can we stop the self indulgence and thinking people
really care about our personal blogs and how we achieve some technical
stunt and concentrate on what we offer the visitors in terms of
information instead of celebrating ourselves?

Sorry for sounding grumpy, but putting a lot of time and effort into
an idea like http://csstoolshed.com and receiving nearly no
submissions whatsoever makes me really angry at memes pointing to
personal blogs and wasting our time advocating to the already
If you want to raise awareness about CSS and semantic markup and that
web sites can work without CSS a real web site for the cause, backed
up by a body like the W3C or WaSP and acccompanied by press releases
in the mainstream press with explanations as to the whys and hows for
non-techie people might have some impact, this is just celebrating
ourselves and there has certainly not been a lack of that in the past.

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