[thelist] Redirect 301 a scary history - moving forward

Struan Donald struan at exo.org.uk
Wed Apr 5 10:52:53 CDT 2006

* at 05/04 09:48 -0600 Rich Points said:
>     * If I do another round of redirects would it be "safe" to get rid
>       of the old ones which were first set over a year ago?

How often are they used? It should be fairly easy to find out from
the log files. If they're still used a lot then I'd think about 
updating them to point at the new pages rather than have two
redirects occuring for each page. If you do keep then them put them
after the newer redirects so Apache can short ciruit out of the
redirect process as quickly as possible.

If they're not used a lot then I'd ditch them and maybe update the
404 page for the site with information about the changes.



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