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>   I need to be able open up a pop-up window from each of 39 
> different links on a page to display various different 
> specific sections of a large pdf file.  The resulting page 
> needs to have a Close button on it.

Even though there is a close button in the top right-hand corner of the
browser window?

>   <a href="rm1001nonb.pdf#nameddest=naf" Target="_blank">
>   The above gets me a pop-up window with my specific page in 
> the pdf file displayed, but I am not sure what the best 
> method is, to get a Close button on the page.
>   I was thinking frames, but how do I open a frameset with a 
> close button in one frame and 1 of 39 different pdf sections 
> in the other?  I could do it with 39 different frame sets, 
> but I was kind of hoping one of you js gurus might have a 
> more elegant, less repetitive solution.  

Have you got access to a server-side scripting technology? If so, you
could specify an id for each PDF, and then display the appropriate PDF
according to the id. So, your anchor tag would look something like the

<a href='pdfFrame.asp?id=1' target='_blank'>..</a>

The file pdfFrame.asp (or php, or whichever technology you're using)
would then have some logic along the following lines:

// Get id from querystring
// Find pdf filename for id from data structure (text file, database,
array etc.)
// Output HTML, including the correct PDF file path as a frame src
attribute value

>   My gut tells me that this is possible in js, but my brain 
> isn't getting me the rest of the way there, and neither is my 
> searching the web.

It would be possible using similar logic to that shown above, but you
would have to work very hard to make it accessible. Instead of
outputting the HTML, though, you could use the DOM to change the value
of the src attribute of the frame to reflect the path to the PDF. Ensure
that you do not allow XSS exploits if you take this route

Personally, I would argue that (IMHO) a PDF is not a webpage, and trying
to treat it as such will lead to nothing but woe. Don't forget that a
system like this will only work for browsers that are configured to
display a PDF, the rest will only offer a download anyway.


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