[thelist] e book on blog

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Wed Apr 5 22:11:23 CDT 2006

Steven Streight wrote:
> I want to display an ebook download link on my Vaspers the Grate blog, where
> a visitor pays to get the ebook. The ebook will be my original content.
> I think Adobe PDF is the way to go. But not sure how to begin.
> Anybody have any suggestions, or links to info for me?

Any commerce software support downloadable products should suffice 
(GIYF).  Customer clicks a link, fills in payment info, they get a 
download page and/or email with download link.  If you're concerned 
about customers distributing unlicensed copies, you might want to look 
into PDF ebook/DRM features -- though generally that requires a copy of 
Acrobat, not just Reader, so you may not feel it worthwhile.  IIRC Adobe 
Acrobat Pro has tools for secured PDF's built-in, and Google has a lot 
to say on this too:

Max Schwanekamp

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