[thelist] AJAX Tip

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 05:07:53 CDT 2006

> > > Yes, the latter are formally DHTML, but you don't want to be talking
> > > about DHTML in this millennium. The term carries too much derogatory
> > > baggage, in my opinion.
> >
> > ^ Thank you, that makes all the flak I got for my from DHTML to DOM
> > Scripting article worth while.
> > http://icant.co.uk/articles/from-dhtml-to-dom/

> Oi!  Flash also carries similar derogatory baggage, do we need a new
> buzzword for using Flash well?

Flash is a product name. DHTML or DOM scripting isn't.
I do hire Flash designers and Flash developers or Flash Application
Developers though, so there is a difference in that.

> It's fine to say something is DOM Scripting if it actually use the DOM, but
> not if your doing non-DOM DHTML unobtrusivesly, that would be lying.

How do you NOT use the DOM when you want to do unobtrusive Scripting?
Even if it is DOM-1?

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