[thelist] Dev Connections

Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Thu Apr 6 07:26:36 CDT 2006

Hi List,

I just got back from the Dev Connections conference in Orlando, FL
covering SharePoint, ASP.NET, and SQL Server 2005. While I didn't do the
ASP.NET track, I hovered mostly in the 2005 and then a little in
SharePoint. Lots of cool stuff collected so if you have any questions...

On a humorous note, I got a free t-shirt for stumping the 12 Microsoft
Group Project Managers about this question: "What was the reasoning
behind the assumption that when I imported views from 2000 to 2005 using
the import wizard that you conveniently converted them to tables for me?
I don't want that and there's no way around it aside from manually
creating them. Copy and paste doesn't work."

Rob Smith
rob.smith at lexjet.com
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1680 Fruitville Road, 3rd Floor
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