[thelist] AJAX Tip

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 10:56:58 CDT 2006

> > Or are you trying
> > to argument that JavaScript is as easy to learn as adding some classes
> > and IDs and writing CSS for it?
> No, I assumed that the same person/team creates, owns and maintains
> the JS as the CSS and the HTML, as tends to be the case in my
> experience, but yeah, I'd only make these arguments when this
> assumption is true.

That is dangerous thinking that leads to technology divas and people
getting stuck in the same jobs until they are so bored they have to
leave. Most of my experience is that you will never be able to fix
things you mess up in the first iteration as the budget runs out
before you can do the promised "cleanup round". Better to plan for
change and not get a nasty surprise months later when you see your own
code and wondered what kind of confused person created that crud.

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