[thelist] PHP: specify the current directory's parent

jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Thu Apr 6 14:58:54 CDT 2006

I am trying to set up a search function and I need to change a line of the
PHP code (below) so that the start directory is the current directory's
(".") parent.

How do I get this


to start in the directory above the current directory?  Being new to PHP,
I tried using $settings["options"]["start_dir"]="../";  which does not

I just need to tell ["start_dir"]="."; not to start in the current
directory, but to start in the current directory's parent directory, which
is the site's root.

Am I way off here?  Anybody have an idea?  I could post the entire chunk
of PHP code, but it seems that this is something simple enough to figure
out with out the rest of the code...I could be wrong bout that?

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