[thelist] php session_start() function

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Sun Apr 9 20:11:38 CDT 2006

Hey thanks guys,

Finally cracked it.  There was another file called php.ini in the
c:/WINDOWS/Temp directory.  I don't know why there were two (here and one in
the php directory).  Anyway I changed the seeion.save_path in the Windows
one, and that solved the problem.  Thanks for all the help - I have been
tearing my hair out over this one.



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Santilal Parbhu scribeva in 09/04/2006 11:13:
> Configuration File (php.ini) Path php.ini
> I presume this means that the php.ini file is in the same directory as

Hmm... I'd expect to see absolute path for php.ini... but I don't know.

> session.save_handler      = files   ; handler used to store/retrieve data
> session.save_path         = c:\WINDOWS\Temp; argument passed to
>                                     ; in the case of files, this is the
>                                     ; path where data files are stored
> The directory c:\WINDOWS\Temp is exactly as in my directory structure.
> looks right to me - any comments??

It looks right...

> After re-booting I got the following from phpinfo:
> session.save_handler	 files	 files
> session.save_path		 /tmp 	/tmp
> This suggests that the changes I made did not work.

True. Makes me think that PHP isn't finding the php.ini. Try moving it
from php dircetory to C:\windows and restart Apache (no need to restart
your computer).

Or plan B: set the value in httpd.conf, .htaccess or script level using



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