[thelist] vbscript: dateadd weekdays

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Mon Apr 10 10:20:06 CDT 2006

> All you need to know is:
> a) How many days from the StartDate to the next Saturday
> b) How many lots of 7 days there are between the next 
> Saturday and your
> EndDate
> c) How many days between the Sunday and your end Date.

of course.

which, for small numbers such as I'm working with (possible values are
1, 3, or 7) becomes

    If (Weekday(StartDate) + DeadlineAdd) > 6) Then
        DeadlineAdd = DeadlineAdd + 2
    End If

unless of course I'm as confused as I was last week. more involved for
DeadlineAdd numbers greater than 7, but not a *lot* more involved

thanks again, Ken


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