[thelist] Site check please....

Mattias Thorslund mattias at thorslund.us
Mon Apr 10 15:21:45 CDT 2006

Jay Blanchard wrote:
> We are rapidly approaching launch and I am awaiting content, but I do
> have some things working (not all links work up in the header). Also, I
> know that the site fails for character set...we will be adding this to
> the Apache configs. You'll need a username and password to see it (not
> ready for public consumption) so use pockettest/pockettest
> http://www.pocket.com/foo/index20060328.php
> TIA!

Linux (Mandriva 2006) + Firefox 1.5: Looking good. Some CSS notices.

Linux (Mandriva 2006) + Konqueror 3.4.2:  Some issues here:
1. The navigation buttons leave a white break above the link after
2. Google map on Store locator page won't show.
3. Coverage area page: JavaScript errors
    "Can't find variable GBounds" in file xmaps.1c.js  line 679.
    "Can't find variable GMap" in coverage.php line 20
     ... several more, seems related.

Given Konqui's market share, maybe the above can be ignored (I use
Firefox mostly). However,  be sure to check Safari  since it is
supposedly closely related. FYI: Google Maps (on Google) does work in my

Clean-looking site, too!



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