[thelist] Inspiration source?

Faye Tarzwell ftarzwell at fayec.com
Mon Apr 10 16:00:32 CDT 2006

		Hi Steven,

That quote is so true and good I printed it and it is now on my cubicle wall (yes....I have gone from the casual to the corporate world...)

I am now designing for Netscape 4.7 (yes....50% of our internal users are still on Netscape 4.71 therefore our intranet has to be Net 4.7 compatible)...
Need to find inspiration for a redesign of our main intranet site...Lots of work ahead...



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Biggest inspiration should be this user reality: users are hurried,
impatient, distracted, specific, hype-abhorent, aggressive, opinionated,
peer-influenced, cynical, memory-impaired, anti-authoritarian, multitasking,
and fickle.

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